Rollover Crash In South Bexar County Leaves 3 Dead And 3 Critically Injured

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the death of 3 individuals, including a child in an accident as an SUV traveling on Interstate 37 in South Bexar County crashed and rolled over.

The accident happened at about 1 p.m. The investigators believe that the cause of the accident is a punctured tire. One of the SUV’s tires blew out; the person behind the wheel tried to over correct, but the vehicle rolled over.

2 children and 2 adults were riding in the SUV. All of them were rushed to the hospital by air as they sustained life-threatening injuries.

It seems that the family was visiting from out of town and the SUV had a Mexican license plate.

Many items, including a car seat, were thrown out of the vehicle.

The investigators closed all southbound lanes of I-37 near Mathis Road to determine the cause of the accident and to clear the accident spot. The lanes were opened for traffic after several hours.

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