Texas Teen Killed In Crash Seconds After Unbuckling Her Seat Belt To Snap Selfie

On 28th of October 2017, 16-year-old Kailee Mills died in an accident as she took off her seatbelt to take a selfie.

She was traveling with her friends when the accident happened. The vehicle was just down the street from Mills’ home when she unbuckled her seat belt to capture a selfie. Just then, the car went off the road. Mills was thrown out of the vehicle and died as a result.

According to his father, David Mills, “The car went off the road. She was ejected, and she died instantly. All the other kids in the car they had their seat belts on and they all survived with very little injury.”

Her parents want others to know the dangers of taking off the seatbelt while driving. They are encouraging everyone to buckle their seatbelt while traveling in a vehicle.

They have become a part of “Click It or Ticket” campaign. The campaign utilizes a display of white shoes from all the 929 individuals who died as a result of not wearing a seatbelt in the state during the previous year. They are the people “whose shoes you don’t want to walk in”. They put shoes of pink color for their daughter and they told that she used to call them ghost shoes. Her father said that he could see all the individuals standing there. He added that they would not have lost her if she had been wearing her seat belt.

The family is also taking part in informing others about the importance of wearing a seat belt while behind the wheel or when traveling as a passenger for which they have set up the Kailee Mills Foundation, a non-profit organization. It can be seen through its website that the family is encouraging and inspiring communities to protect themselves and their passengers by always wearing their seatbelts. Decals are put by the foundation on vehicle windows to remind drivers to wear their seatbelts.

She was the student at Klein Collins High School and she had decided to study medicine.

His father described her as a person who made others smile and as a ray of sunshine.

Her family is now raising awareness on car safety.

News Source: www.FoxNews.com

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