Three Staffers Discharged After SUV Wrecked In Car Accident During Harvey Damage Tour

According to USDA, 2 Capitol Hill staffers and one USDA staffer sustained injuries in a major car crash that involved a government caravan in El Campo, Texas.

Conaway and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue were also involved in the caravan, but were riding in another car due to which they were safe as their car was not involved in the crash.

They were on a survey to see the damage that was caused by Hurricane Harvey. They were touring the Houston area to check the agricultural damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. They got involved in the crash as they were leaving a listening session with agricultural producers and farmers.

An email confirmed that the USDA staffer and Hill staffers for House Agriculture Committee Chairman, Michael Conaway, R-Texas, were rushed to the hospital for proper checkup after the crash. All staff members were “examined, treated, and discharged from El Campo Memorial Hospital.”

Texas Tribune photographer Bob Daemmrich saw the accident live and told that an SUV-type vehicle carrying support staff and the third vehicle in the motorcade pulled onto the frontage road of Highway 59 in El Campo and struck a semi truck. He explained that the truck careened across the median and took the SUV with it; both vehicles came to rest on the opposite side of the highway.

Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner, was travelling in the last vehicle. He didn’t sustain any injury. “We were very lucky,” he said.

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