Types Of Damages To Recover In A Motorcycle Accident

Pursuing recovery for the damages in motorcycle accidents is only possible when the plaintiff succeeds in pursuing personal injury claim against the other driver who caused physical injury or property damage. In case the accident and consequent injuries were serious enough, the plaintiff must hire a lawyer to seek compensation for the damages.

There are more motorcyclists registered in California, than any other state in the U.S., and, therefore, a greater number of motorcycle accident news in California that we hear nearly every day.

Given the size and weight of the passenger and commercial vehicles as compared to the bike, the crash causes severe and extensive damage to the bike in addition to giving serious injuries to the biker. So there are different types of damages that the victim may seek:

  1. Compensation for Medical Treatment:

The injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident may require the victim surgery, therapy for muscles and bones, or any other medical assistance for speedy and better recovery. These injuries can put the person at lifetime risk of developing certain diseases such as paralysis, amnesia, cognitive disorders or impairment of motor skills such as movement. If the victim is not sufficiently insured to become normal after the treatment, the victim can seek recovery of injuries through legal action.

  1. Recovery of Loss of Wages:

The recovery from the physical injuries may require time making the victim unable to go to work. During this time period, he or she may lose wages and may have no coverage to compensate for the lost wages. The compensation for the lost wages can provide the person to recover the portion of the person’s average earnings in a week.

  1. Recovery for the Damaged Property:

In motorcycle accidents, the bike receives huge damage which can damage the vehicle entirely. Repairs, reconstruction or buying a new bike requires money that the victim can seek through filing a legal claim. However, it is important that the victim must not be able to go to work and seek medical treatment or therapy. Once the plaintiff recovers and seeks employment, the insurance companies may pay the victim for the repairs and replacement.

  1. Pain and Suffering:

Depending upon various factors, most of the accidents involve pain and suffering that add to the calculation of these damages. In this case, the personal injury attorney determines the reasonable and fair amount of compensation based upon injuries such as loss of limb, pain, property damage or motor function. The jury or judge may award a bigger sum of the amount given the psychological and emotional suffering.

Legal Assistance:

The help of an expert lawyer becomes necessary when seeking damages for the losses in a motorcycle accident as the legal expert improves the chances of recovery. Moreover, many insurance companies may deny compensation or pay much lesser than the actual compensation. In order to deal with these companies, the experienced attorneys are aware of these tactics and can devise effective strategies to recover the amount of compensation. Most of the companies pay certain damages such as property damage, medication or treatment while leaving other damages such as loss of wages. The attorney proves to be very helpful in recovering the complete and fair amount of compensation for all the damages depending upon the case.

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