What Every Motorcycle Rider Should Have for Safety

Today’s topic written by Aaron Crane, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix, talks about gear that should be worn while riding a motorcycle. There is nothing quite like hitting the open road on your motorcycle. It gives you a sense of freedom that cannot be experienced with any other type of vehicle. Motorcycle riders know, however, that unexpected hazards do happen out on the open road. To avoid serious injury from these hazards, motorcycle drivers should always use safety features for their motorcycle and their bodies. Riders should also know what to do after a motorcycle accident.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer recommends the following safety items to avoid serious injury while operating your motorcycle:

Full Face Helmet

In an effort to keep wind and debris out of your eyes, a full face helmet is always encouraged. The protective shield on the helmet will keep dust, debris, and bugs from getting into your eyes. If you do not like the way a full face helmet feels, use a DOT certified regular helmet and make sure that you are wearing sunglasses or safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Preventing Road Rash

Any motorcycle driver that has had to lay down their bike or has been involved in a motorcycle accident knows that road rash is a common injury. You can greatly reduce the amount of road rash you receive in these situations by wearing the appropriate protective gear. Leather riding gloves will protect your hands. Even thinner gloves during the summer months can give added protection.

You are also encouraged to wear long pants and a long sleeved short or jacket. These items will protect larger portions of your body from road rash and any flying debris while you are riding. When you are driving at night, motorcycle drivers are encouraged to wear lighter color clothing. The reflective properties of lighter clothes allow other drivers to see you better.

Motorcycle Boots Are Safety Equipment

Motorcycle boots serve many purposes. The first and foremost is that they look great when you are driving down the road. However, they are also some of the best protection that your feet and ankles have when driving a motorcycle.

The thick leather of the boots give added protection to your feet and ankles in the event of flying road debris or an accident. The rubber soles are also a very beneficial safety feature. The rubber soles will “cling” to the foot pegs of your motorcycle much better than a slick bottomed shoe. This gripping action will help keep your feet from slipping and are much safer to walk on when you are on the pavement.

Motorcycle drivers and passengers should always avoid operating a motorcycle with bare feet or open toed shoes. Pebbles and other debris bouncing off of the road can injure your feet easily. Not having protection for your feet in the event of an accident can also lead to serious injuries.

By taking advantage of these simple safety suggestions, you can protect yourself while you are enjoying the open road or just traveling through town.

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