Woman Dead And Man Injured In Two Separate Hit-And-Run Crashes On Texas 249 Sunday Night

On Sunday night, a woman lost her life and a man sustained injuries in two separate hit-and-run accidents that happened on Texas 249.

According to Sgt. Dashana Cheek-McNeal, the first accident occurred on the highway at around 9:15 p.m. as a motorcyclist struck a car from behind and fell on the ground. The person behind the wheel of the car continued driving and the investigation revealed that the motorcyclist was driving impaired.

The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital while the cops investigated the case.

After some time, another accident occurred on Texas 249 as a vehicle struck a woman who was standing. The driver continued driving and 2 more vehicles ran over the woman from which one stopped to communicate with the cops.

The woman died on the accident spot and was identified as Alyson Christine Marks.

The 2 accidents didn’t relate to each other.

News Source: www.Chron.com

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